Our next event



We will be going back to the  probable Romano-British settlement at Studfold next Easter as part of the Our Farm Heritage Project

This is where we found the hearth (expect to have the dating results back around Christmas time), some Burnish ware ( http://potsherd.net/atlas/Ware/BB1.html) and a lovely pavement.

 Dates of the dig are 2nd April( Easter Monday) to 10th April inclusive.

 After the last dig we felt further investigation would be good to

–  find out  where the pavement leads to and its extent?

– what the main round house is like and its relationship to the  stone pile?

– find out more about the entrance to the site

-find out more about the smaller round house and its relationship to the back bank.

 We will need to plan how much we can do in the time.

If you want to  stay there then don’t forget there is camping and more- see http://www.studfold.com/

 If you are interested in joining us on any or all  of the days during this week, please contact me on morrisbob ‘at’ hotmail.co.uk for further details.

 Bob Barker


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