January update of stone platform dig


Hope you all had a good Christmas and  New year
We went back to our platform excavation for the first time this year and worked in 2 areas. Lovely sunny day and some lapwings came to have a look.
We continued to clean up the part of the trench going up field there is quite a mixture of hillwash  and stone with cavities underneath it. Nothing is yet resolving into a definitive structure.
We expanded the other uphill trench leg near the known platform  so that it overlapped the old trench of a couple of years ago and cleaned it up. You can see we now have the edge of the platform going up hill near the poles on the photo. It seems the edge has a smaller stone surface than the main one.
Next week we will enlarge the trench on this side so it goes upto the lump at the top of the photo to see what happens.
Still no dating or finds evidence I’m afraid.
We meet at 10am on Tuesdays . Let me know if you want to join us via the contacts page.

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